Detroit Tax Audit Help

Detroit Tax Audit Help

Everyone knows that a tax audit is possible, but most people think that tax audits only happen to other people. When you receive that dreaded notice in the mail, you’re liable to have a panic attack. Why are you being targeted? What did you do? Are you in some sort of trouble with the IRS?

Try not to freak out—Detroit tax audit help is available.

Why Does the IRS, or the State of Michigan, Conduct Audits?

There are many reasons that the government may decide to audit your taxes, and not all of those reasons mean you did something wrong.

For instance, you could be audited because your return was selected randomly. You could be audited because you made a lot more money this year than you did in the past. Or it could be that the computer system flagged your tax return for some unknown reason.

Maybe you actually did make a mistake on your tax return that warrants some investigation, and you may end up owing more in taxes.

What Happens During an Audit?

Most people who panic at the thought of an audit are really more worried about the unknown. You probably don’t know what the process is like and are therefore worried about the process itself. You could also be worried about the ramifications that could follow if your tax return does show that you made a mistake.

The tax audit process isn’t usually all that complex. The IRS or state of Michigan may request that you send in more information by mail. You may be asked to bring documentation in to a tax office. The government can also visit your home or business to review your finances. These audits aren’t always something to fear.

What if You Did Make a Mistake on Your Taxes?

If you did make a mistake on your tax return, the IRS or state will often simply want it corrected. They will then ask that you remit any unpaid taxes plus penalties and interest.

Generally, the only time you would be in any kind of “trouble” is if you intentionally underpaid your taxes. This last situation is known as tax fraud or evasion. This can get you into hot water, so it’s a good idea to talk to a lawyer at our office if you believe your audit is being conducted because you’re suspected of avoiding paying your taxes.

Get Tax Audit Help in Detroit

Detroit tax audit help is available; simply contact The W Tax Group now. A free tax consultation is offered to those who reach out to our nationwide office. Dial 1-877-500-4930 or complete the internet consultation form below.