IRS People First Initiative

The IRS and State taxing authorities recognize individuals and businesses need significant financial relief during this quarantine period. This federal program is call "The People First Initiative". The relief takes a number of different forms including Small business loans, stimulus checks to individuals and a variety of new tax regulations that lessen the burden of your taxes.

Below we provide the most current answers to the most common questions regarding the People First Initiative.

People First Initiative Programs


IRS Pushes Tax Due Dates To July 15 - What does this mean for you?

The Federal IRS has delayed the date when your tax filing is due from April 15th 2020 to July 15th, 2020.  Each state has also extended the tax filing date to July 15th, 2020 as well.  You do not have to file any form to gain this extension and you will not be assessed any penalties nor interest.

However, you should be aware of important tax planning issues if you decide to take advantage of this filing date extension.  Read the details of the 2020 tax filing extension.


IRS Is Issuing Stimulus Checks to Individuals and Joint Filers - Who qualifies, How do I get one and when will I receive mine?

The Federal government is issuing a stimulus check to a record number of individuals and joint tax filers in the coming weeks. Learn who qualifies, how much you may receive and WHEN you will receive your stimulus check.

Federal Stimulus Check Information


The Small Business Administration is offering a number of loan options to help

The Small Business Association SBA is offering a variety of loan options to help businesses deal with the temporary loss of business.  Taking these loans can help you survive, but understanding their tax implications and how to properly file and account for them is critical to your long term success.

Read the overview of the new 2020 SBA loan programs here

W Tax Group IRS tax representation

The W Tax Groups Specializes In Helping Individuals and Businesses with Challenging Tax Issues

The W Tax Group does not provide services for government programs stemming from the People First Initiative.  Each of those programs and their various options are administered through the appropriate government agency as linked to above. However, these programs can have a profound impact on your taxes and your accounting practices.  In these areas The W Tax Group can provide expert assistance.  Our team of licensed tax attorneys, CPA’s and tax preparation professionals can help you navigate these unique circumstances so you can solve past tax issues and or be sure to file your taxes according to the new 2020 tax rules and tax relief programs. If you would like assistance in these areas please reach out to us and we would be glad to help.

Help with Common IRS Penalties

  • Releasing Tax Levies & Liens
  • Stopping a Wage Garnishment
  • Avoiding Asset Seizure
  • IRS Audit Defense
  • How to stop interest and IRS penalties

Common Tax Issues

  • Getting Tax Questions Answered Free
  • How to respond to a letter from the IRS
  • Tax Preparation & Extensions
  • Worried about a Tax Audit
  • Dealing with Unfiled Taxes

Common Tax Relief Solutions

  • IRS “Fresh Start program”
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Creating a Repayment Plan (PPIA)
  • Correct past tax returns
  • Business & Personal Taxes

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Antonia K., Chandler, AZ.

I have nothing but great things to say about the W Tax Group. They are quick, efficient and extremely meticulous in all matters. Above all, they are friendly and supportive at a really bad time in my life.

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The W Tax Group helped me when I did not know what to do.
I had a big tax bill and could not afford to pay it. The staff are very professional and work fast to take care of you. If you have a tax problem call them they can help! I highly recommend them

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Donald P., Harrisburg, PA.

I must say The W Tax Group really helped me with my tax problems. I really feel that had not been for them helping me that I would have had some really big problems with the IRS. These are good guys and will put 100% effort in getting your problems solved. I want to thank The W Tax Group for their help and strongly recommend if you need help with tax problems to give them a call.

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I was in denial of my mounting tax problem until I contacted the The W Tax Group. They took the time to listen to my concerns, answered my questions thoroughly, and provided me with the piece of mind knowing that my tax matters were finally being taken care of.
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Initial Consultation – FREE:

There is no cost for your free initial consultation.  No credit card is required, no deposit, NOTHING. Although free, this consultation is detailed and thorough. We will answer any questions you may have. We will collect any documentation or information you have personally to help assess the situation you are in, in order to provide strategic direction on how to solve the tax issue at hand. At the end of your consultation you will have a solid grasp on the potential solutions to solve your tax issue.

IRS Document Retrieval and Analysis – FEE

With your approval and at your complete discretion you can choose to move forward with pursuing the solution to solve you tax issue(s).  We are completely transparent about this service and you will be asked to approve it by signing off on the service and providing a means of payment. Your IRS analysis involves requesting all documentation from the IRS and or State taxing authority. This information will be reviewed by the appropriate licensed tax professional here at the W Tax Group. After careful review and analysis a more accurate view of your situation can be determined and thus a more accurate solution to successfully solve it can be presented to you.

  • This IRS Review, Analysis and report to you has a fee of $500.
  • We offer a 15 day 100% money back refund of this fee if you are unhappy with the service.

Tax Resolution Program – FEE

The range of tax solutions and the work necessary to conduct them is wide. Only after we have conducted the IRS document retrieval and analysis can we determine the proper resolution, work necessary to execute on the resolution and thus the price required for conducting your resolution all the way through to success. You can be completely assured however, that once your Tax Document analysis has been completed, we will provide you with a cost estimate, explain it to you and it will be entirely up to you to approve and move forward.

If you choose not to implement the solution, you can walk away and will only have paid the small fee for IRS document collection and analysis.

If you choose to implement the program you will be given a total cost estimate and a payment plan if necessary to pay for services.