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Your Free Tax Consultation

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The IRS Knows Tax Law and when they want to collect from you, they use strong arm tactics to do so. You could just pay the amount they’re asking for, if you have the money. Is their assessment correct and fair? You could fight back on your own, but do you have the tax knowledge and time to do it right? Fortunately, you also have the legal RIGHT to hire a qualified tax professional to represent you and fight for an outcome can save you time, stress and money.

The W Tax Group IS the team to fight on your behalf. We’re a group of highly experienced, licensed Tax Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants and Tax Professionals.  We have the knowledge of tax regulations and your rights to stand up to the IRS respectfully and work to get you the best result possible.

The fact is, it’s rare that the IRS’ conclusions are 100% correct and you could save a great deal of money if a professional reviews the situation before you give in to them.  In addition the IRS offers numerous forms of tax relief based on tax regulations and even tax relief programs. However, they DO NOT present these relief options to you, it’s your job to find them and use them if you qualify. The W Tax Group are specialists in this area, we know the tax rules and regulations, we know the tax relief programs, we know how to qualify you for these relief programs, we know how to solve your tax issues and save you money!

The process is simple. We start with a free tax relief consultation at which time you can ask questions and tell us about your tax issues. We will answer your questions then offer advice on what options may resolve your tax issue(s) entirely. If you like the plan, we can then establish a formal relationship to move forward and resolve your issues.

The W Tax Group has successfully solved tough tax problems for many hundreds of businesses and families alike and we will do the same for you! Don’t stand alone and allow the IRS to run you over with full cost penalties, interest and fees. Put the W Tax Group on your side and fight for the best outcome possible.

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