Michigan Tax Audit Lawyer

Michigan Tax Audit Lawyer

Are you being audited by the IRS or the state? Don’t panic. Instead, contact a Michigan tax audit attorney at the W Tax Group to make sure your rights are looked after.

The prospect of being audited by the IRS or the state of Michigan is a terrifying one. Some audits are the result of the government’s computer screening system “red flagging” your tax return, or it could be that something doesn’t seem to add up—perhaps you claimed a few too many deductions.

Sometimes, you’re audited because you forgot to include income or you own a cash business. Whatever the case may be, if it’s found that you owe more on your taxes, then you could be hit with penalties for misreporting information on your return.

Fortunately, you can avoid further complications by working with a Michigan tax audit lawyer. We’re here to help set things right.

What Are Your Rights During a Tax Audit?

You have rights during a tax audit. Keep in mind that the IRS and the state of Michigan are really just after their money. If you concentrate on the fact that an audit is simply a process meant to ensure that you’ve paid the correct amount of taxes, then it won’t be so intimidating.

Having a Michigan tax audit defense lawyer beside you can help you feel more comfortable during this stressful time. Below are some of your rights as a Michigan taxpayer during an audit.

You have the right:

  • To be treated with respect
  • To privacy and confidentiality regarding your tax matters
  • To know why the IRS is asking for information and what will happen if you fail to provide it
  • To legal representation
  • To appeal decisions

What Will Happen if Your Tax Return Has Errors?

The biggest question people have about an audit is what will happen to them if the IRS or state discover that their returns were incorrect. In most cases, they will simply request that you pay the back taxes owed and any penalties and interest your error caused.

When that happens, your Michigan IRS audit lawyer can help you find a way to get your taxes paid. For instance, it might be possible to set up payment arrangements with the IRS or state for the back taxes owed. This is called an installment agreement, and it’s only one of the several available options.

Call a Michigan Tax Audit Attorney

Being audited isn’t something you ever wanted to happen, but sometimes things aren’t quite so bad as they seem. The state and the IRS have the ultimate goal of claiming their money—they don’t have a goal of torturing you. Even if you do owe more money to them than you thought, you can likely get things straightened out.

When you have a lawyer beside you, you’ll feel more comfortable with the audit because you’ll know that someone is looking out for you and your interests. Contact a Michigan tax audit lawyer at the W Tax Group. Our office can be reached at 1-877-500-4930 or through the free consultation form at the bottom of the page.