• Do You Owe the IRS Money?

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  • Do You Owe the IRS Money?

    Choose your debt amount:

How It Works


1. Free Consultation

We find out the most important information about your specific tax issues. We will then connect you with the right tax attorney to offer the best tax debt settlement.


2. Investigation

We analyze your tax history by reviewing official IRS transcripts specific to your account. From there, we can determine what’s behind any liens, levies or threats of collection.


3. Resolution

Our tax professionals will help you establish full compliance with the IRS. Once compliant, our tax attorneys will negotiate the most favorable outcome allowed under law.

Solving Your Tax Problems

Our tax team negotiates with the IRS, and prepares and any required forms and documents.

Peace Of Mind For The Future

Don’t make the same mistakes twice. We’ll help you avoid potential pitfalls going forward.

Comprehensive Investigations

We dive into your tax history to verify your issues. We’ll handle your communications with the IRS.

Strategic Tax Resolution Plans

Free, no-obligation personalized plans outline what makes the most sense for your unique situation.

A Tax Law Firm You Can Trust

Attorney Stephen Weisberg started The W Tax Group to help protect Americans nationwide against aggressive and intimidating collection policies of the Internal Revenue Service and state tax agencies. All too often, people with tax problems rely on under-qualified companies with a “one-size-fits-all” approach to tax issues — and require up-front payment before you even really know if they can help you.

The W Tax Group Is Different

Most importantly, we are a team of tax attorneys — not just tax preparers or enrolled agents — so we are able to leverage our experience and knowledge of the law to stand up to the IRS and state agencies that threaten your livelihood. We also provide you with a personalized, complimentary tax resolution plan up front, so you can feel confident about what to expect.

What Our Clients Say

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