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Solve Your IRS Tax Problems Now

100% Free – answers to your tax debt questions. Start with a Free Consultation with our licensed tax professionals...

Solve Your IRS Tax Problems Now

100% Free – answers to your tax debt questions. Start with a Free Consultation with our licensed tax professionals...
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Licensed Tax Professionals Are Your Best Option

When it comes to dealing with the IRS, people tend to be unsure if they should approach on their own or hire someone to help them. Under the Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights, you are allowed to have a tax professional handle any issue that you have with the IRS. If you’ve dealt with tax rules, regulations and laws to any degree you know one thing: they are complicated and always changing. A tax professional will fight hard for your best interests and make sure you are effectively represented. There are only three types of tax professionals who can represent taxpayers before the IRS:

1. Licensed Tax Attorneys  2. Enrolled IRS agents   3. Licensed CPAs

When you work with The W Tax Group you will be represented by one or ALL three of these tax professionals.

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Common Tax Issues We Can Help You Solve

The IRS can lay claim to your personal property, including vehicles, land, and your house, by filing a tax lien. This places the government’s interest in your property above that of all other creditors. Get help removing a tax lien before that lien turns into a levy. Learn what to do now
The government is legally allowed to seize your personal property if you’ve failed to pay your taxes. They can take money from your bank accounts, garnish your wages, take your vehicles, and even seize your house. Resolve your tax debt before you lose everything you’ve worked for. Learn how to respond to a tax levy
The IRS charges penalties and interest when you’re behind on your taxes. Penalties add up quickly and can sometimes make up the bulk of a tax bill. Your tax professional may be able to get penalties removed, reducing your tax bill and making the debt more manageable. How to avoid or reduce tax penalties and interest

A Tax Group You Can Trust

When you’re looking to hire a nationwide tax resolution group to help you get your tax situation under control, you want to know that the attorneys and other staff members you’re calling are people you can trust.

Our tax office has helped countless clients manage their tax debt, and we can help you, too. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, so you know we can be trusted.

Our process is simple. We start with a free tax debt analysis, during which you can tell us about your tax issue, your situation, and your income concerns, and we can put together a plan to get you out of debt.

Next, our office will thoroughly investigate your tax issues and come up with the best solution for your situation. Finally, we will communicate with the IRS and ensure that you are in compliance with them as you work on the plan we’ve laid out for you.

We deal with many tax resolution services, any one of which could be just what you need to solve your tax dilemma. We can assist you with offers in compromise, installment agreements, lien and levy releases, penalty abatement, filing back tax returns, currently not collectible, tax audit representation help, and communicating with the IRS.

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