IRS Letters and Notices

IRS Letters and Notices

Did you receive an IRS letter or notice? Don’t panic too much about the letter, most of these letters come off in a harsh tone but can be resolved through a few steps. Below are some normal IRS letters that the IRS sends. Each notification contains a description of what the letter is for and what are the appropriate actions to take in order to respond and resolve the problem the letter is addressing. Although the IRS is systematic, sometimes notices can be skipped if you have had problems in the past and for other reasons.

  • IRS CP 11: Changes to Tax Return
  • IRS CP 22A: Data Processing Adjustment Notices
  • IRS CP 22E: Examination Adjustment Notice
  • IRS CP 23 – Estimated Tax Discrepancy
  • IRS CP 88 – Delinquent Return Refund Hold
  • IRS CP 90/CP 297/CP 297A – Notice of Levy and Notice of Your Right to a Hearing
  • IRS CP 91/ CP 298 – Final Notice Before Levy on Social Security Benefits
  • IRS CP 161 – Request for Payment or Notice of Unpaid Balance
  • IRS CP 14 – Balance Due
  • IRS CP 501 – Reminder Notice, Balance Due
  • IRS CP 503 – Second Request Notice, Balance Due
  • IRS CP 504 – Final Notice, Balance Due
  • IRS LT11 or L1058 – Final Notice of Intent to Levy
  • IRS CP 523 – Notice of Default on Installment Agreement

Tax Relief Process

What is the Tax Relief Process

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