Detroit IRS Lawyer

Detroit IRS Lawyer

Are you in trouble with the IRS and want to get matters straightened out? Get in contact with a Detroit IRS attorney from The W Tax Group to get your tax problems settled for good.

It’s easy to get behind on your taxes, but it’s not always easy to catch back up. Many people find out they owe money in taxes after filing their return and become overwhelmed over the issue of paying off their tax bill.

If they don’t have large savings, then they may think it’s not even possible to pay off their tax liability, so they put it off, hoping they will come up with a solution later.

Many people aren’t aware that there are several ways to handle back tax liability and that ignoring the problem isn’t going to fix anything. What you should consider doing is contacting a Detroit IRS lawyer so that you can face your tax problems head-on.

What Will the IRS Do If You Fail to Pay Your Taxes in Detroit?

The IRS is not going to be happy if you don’t pay your taxes. If there’s one thing the government seems to care about, it’s taking your money. They will come after you for it, even if it’s a relatively small amount of money. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that the government won’t pursue them for what they think is a small amount, but they’re wrong.

The IRS has many tools for collecting tax liability in Detroit and throughout the U.S., and they aren’t the least bit afraid to use them. They have the right to even take your house from you if they believe it’s necessary. The following are a few of the collection methods the IRS uses to get taxpayers to pay up.

  • Send notices warning you of their intentions
  • Garnish your paycheck
  • Seize money from your financial accounts
  • File a federal tax lien against you
  • Seize your personal property, including vehicles and real estate
  • Add penalties and interest to your already-overwhelming tax bill

How Can a Detroit IRS Attorney Help You Resolve Your Tax Liability?

It’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed when tax time comes, and you aren’t alone if facing tax issues seems like more than you can handle. That’s where a Detroit IRS tax attorney comes in. Your lawyer can help by looking into your tax liability situation and helping you to come up with a plan of attack for resolving your tax problems.

No matter how much money you owe in back taxes, your Detroit, Michigan, attorney can help you settle up with the IRS. In addition, if you haven’t filed returns, you can receive assistance in doing so. Your lawyer can help you to collected needed financial documents so you can file those returns before the IRS does it for you.

Possible Solutions for Handling Back Tax Liability in Detroit

A great many people believe that the only way to pay off tax liability is to hand the IRS a large sum of cash, but that’s not the only way to handle your tax matters. For example, the IRS allows taxpayers to pay off their tax liability slowly over time through the use of installment payments.

Your lawyer can negotiate with the IRS and work out other tax solutions as well. It’s possible to get the IRS to delay collection efforts for a while if you truly are unable to pay your tax bill at this time. It may also be possible to get the IRS to remove penalties and interest charges, which can oftentimes double your tax bill and make it more difficult for you to pay off.

Depending on your situation, you might even be able to settle your tax bill. This means that you can square your account with the IRS without needing to pay the full bill. Another way your lawyer can help you is to negotiate with the IRS to have liens or levies removed.

Contact an IRS Attorney in Detroit, Michigan

Putting off tax problems will never make them go away. If you don’t think you can handle these issues on your own, you can work with a tax professional in Detroit to help you resolve them. Your attorney can analyze your personal and financial situation to come up with the best solution for getting your tax issues taken care of.

Reach out to a Detroit IRS lawyer today. Your attorney can discuss your tax liability during a free liability analysis. The W Tax Group can be contacted using the web submission form down below or calling our nationwide office at 877-500-4930.