Detroit Tax Fraud Lawyer

Detroit Tax Fraud Lawyer

Are you worried that the state of Michigan, or the IRS, has set its sights on you for tax fraud? Get in contact with a Detroit tax fraud attorney at The W Tax Group, because a conviction for tax fraud could change your life forever.

The government takes tax fraud and tax evasion very seriously. When a person lies on their tax returns, claims deductions they aren’t entitled to, or engages in deceptive accounting practices, they can be charged with a crime. Trying to get out of paying taxes you owe is illegal, and a conviction can negatively affect your life.

Making a careless or negligent mistake on your tax return is not the same thing as tax fraud or evasion. Many people do make mistakes on their tax returns each year, but they aren’t all prosecuted for these mistakes. If you intentionally attempt to evade paying your taxes, that is considered a criminal act.

If you believe that the government is coming after you, contact a Detroit tax fraud lawyer from our firm immediately. We may be able to communicate with the government on your behalf and help you get the situation taken care of.

Defining Tax Fraud in Michigan

Tax fraud is usually defined as a person purposely lying on their tax return with the intention of avoiding paying more money in taxes. Tax evasion is very similar, but it often requires more action than simply lying on a tax return or other tax form. For instance, hiding money in a buddy’s bank account is one form of tax evasion.

Both tax fraud and tax evasion come with serious penalties. You can receive fines and even jail or prison time. That’s why it’s so important to work with a tax evasion attorney in Detroit. Your attorney may be able to help you avoid a conviction.

Common Examples of Tax Fraud and Tax Evasion in Detroit

Here are a few examples of tax fraud and evasion.

  • Using a fake social security number
  • Falsifying tax records and documents
  • Intentional failure to report income on your tax returns
  • Lying about deductions or dependents
  • Trying to claim personal expenses as business expenses
  • Hiding assets

Once again, mistakes on tax returns and other tax documents can be unintentional. If you believe that you are being targeted for a mistake that was unintentional, don’t delay in reaching out to a Detroit tax evasion lawyer.

Work with a Tax Fraud Attorney in Detroit, Michigan

A conviction for tax fraud or evasion is very serious. You could be looking at life-changing consequences. The IRS or the state of Michigan may agree to drop a charge of tax fraud, but you will likely need an attorney’s help. Your Detroit tax lawyer can look at your unique situation and come up with the best solution possible for you.

To reach a Detroit tax fraud lawyer and discuss your options, call The W Tax Group at 877-500-4930. You can also reach our nationwide headquarters by entering your information into the secure form on this page.