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How To Respond To an IRS Letter or Notice

If the IRS has sent you a letter stating you owe them money, they are already taking action against you. Learn what the letter means, how to respond and what options you have regarding their inquiry. Stop the worry by getting answers from an IRS Tax professional, right here and now, no cost or obligation.

We're Experts at Reviewing IRS Letters and Notifications and Helping Determine What You Need To Do About Them:

Common IRS Letters

  • IRS Audit Letter
  • IRS Back Taxes letter
  • IRS Final Notice Letter
  • IRS Notice of Intent To Levy
  • IRS Notice Of Your Right To Hearing
  • IRS CP504 Letter
  • IRS Tax Notice CP2000

Help with Common IRS Issues

  • Representing you in-front of the IRS
  • IRS audit defense
  • Help stop interest and IRS penalties
  • Releasing tax levies & liens
  • Stopping a wage garnishment
  • Avoiding asset seizure
  • Help with unfiled tax returns

Common Tax Issue Solutions

  • IRS “Fresh Start program”
  • Creating a repayment plan (PPIA)
  • Innocent spouse relief
  • Correct past tax returns
  • Currently Non-collectible status
  • First time penalty abatement
  • Collection statute expiration

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When you receive a letter from the IRS you need professional ANSWERS you can count on, but you don’t want to pay to get this information. This is why we offer a cost free consultation with an experienced tax professional. Our honest, licensed professionals will evaluate your IRS letter, discuss your situation and provide you with the answers you need.  Don’t let the worry get you, chat with us live right now or call us if you prefer.  We are NOT sales people, we’re true tax professionals.

Why Thousands Have Chosen the W Tax Group

Licensed Tax Professionals

At the W Tax Group you will be working with Certified IRS agents, Licensed Tax Attorneys and or Certified Public Accountants. We’re not a sales team, we’re an authentic tax firm with the qualifications and experience necessary to help you!

Tax Filing Security

We understand that tax issues can be very personal. All of our interactions with you are 100% respectful and private. Your information is safe. Our website is protected with full encrypted security. We have internal processes to keep information you provide to us safe as well.

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A reputation is important and the BBB provides the most respected evaluation process in the industry.  The W Tax Group has consistently maintained an A+ Rating with the BBB.

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Real Customer Reviews of Tax Services
We understand that facing a tax issue can be very concerning. Please take heart and rest easy knowing that what you are going through HAS BEEN SOLVED many times before. Just as we have helped these fine people, we can do the same for you.

tax relief star ratings

Antonia K., Chandler, AZ.

I have nothing but great things to say about the W Tax Group. They are quick, efficient and extremely meticulous in all matters. Above all, they are friendly and supportive at a really bad time in my life.

They are true!

tax relief star ratings

Elizabeth L. Martinez, CA

The W Tax Group helped me when I did not know what to do.
I had a big tax bill and could not afford to pay it. The staff are very professional and work fast to take care of you. If you have a tax problem call them they can help! I highly recommend them

tax relief star ratings

Donald P., Harrisburg, PA.

I must say The W Tax Group really helped me with my tax problems. I really feel that had not been for them helping me that I would have had some really big problems with the IRS. These are good guys and will put 100% effort in getting your problems solved. I want to thank The W Tax Group for their help and strongly recommend if you need help with tax problems to give them a call.

tax relief star ratings

Larry B., Sandy Valley, NV.

I was in denial of my mounting tax problem until I contacted the The W Tax Group. They took the time to listen to my concerns, answered my questions thoroughly, and provided me with the piece of mind knowing that my tax matters were finally being taken care of.
The W Tax Group are knowledgeable and courteous professionals.

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