Michigan Tax Lawyer

Michigan Tax Lawyer

Tax liability can easily tear down the life you’ve made for yourself. Fortunately, you can find help getting your back taxes under control by contacting a Michigan tax attorney with the W Tax Group.

You’ve worked long and hard to build a life for yourself. You likely have acquired property, such as cars and a home, or you may be putting everything you have into your business. When you’re hit with a big tax bill, all of that is threatened.

Everyone knows the IRS and state of Michigan want their money, but you may not realize just how much they can do to you. If you don’t file and pay your taxes, the government has an arsenal of liability-collection tactics it can fire at you—each one more unpleasant than the last.

They will send you collections letters; they will call and threaten you; and they can levy your bank accounts and wages, place liens on your property, and even take your house. You can even go to jail for failure to file or pay your taxes.

This is terrifying stuff, and it’s no wonder you want to throw up your hands and give up—but don’t. Believe it or not, there are many ways to get your tax liability under control.

If you are at the end of your rope and don’t know what to do to handle your tax situation, contact a Michigan tax lawyer at our firm. Your attorney will help you get your liability taken care of and get your life back on track.

What Can the IRS and State of Michigan Do if You Fail to Pay Taxes?

The government has more resources than any other liability collector, and it will come after you if you don’t take tax responsibilities seriously. Other liability collectors don’t have the right to garnish your wages or your bank account without suing you, but the IRS and the state can. If you continue to fail to pay your taxes, things will only get worse. Here’s a look at some of the ways the government can make life difficult for you:
  • Fine You – When you don’t file your taxes, state and federal tax agencies can still gain access to information about your income and assets. They can use that information to hit you with penalties and fees.
  • Send You Threatening Collection Letters – For some people, getting threatening letters is enough hassle to convince them to pay their taxes. For others, they simply may not be able to pay, regardless of the threats against them. Ignoring these notices is not going to get you anywhere—the government doesn’t just give up when it’s owed money.
  • Garnish Your Wages – The state of Michigan and the IRS can take money out of your paycheck, and depending on how much you owe in taxes, that may be enough to completely ruin your financial stability. If you owe several thousand dollars in back taxes, you may not be able to pay for the daily essentials.
  • Levy Your Bank Accounts and Other Accounts – In addition to taking money from your paychecks, tax collectors can go after your financial accounts, as well—all of them. If you have assets, the government can find them.
  • Place Liens on Your Property – If you own property, such as vehicles and homes, the IRS and state can place liens on it. This makes it impossible for you to sell your property unless you pay what you owe.
  • Levy Your Personal Property – The government can take your property from you when you owe back taxes. You can lose your houses, vehicles, and other property. The IRS can seize the property and use the proceeds of the sale to pay off your tax liability.
  • Send You to Jail – Yes, it’s true. You can go to jail for failure to pay your taxes. This is especially the case if the government finds that you have plenty of money to pay your taxes but are simply refusing to do so.

How Your Michigan Tax Attorney Can Help You

You can see that failing to file or pay your taxes is no small problem. The IRS and state of Michigan take it very seriously and will do everything they are legally allowed to do to collect their money. That being said, you do have rights as a taxpayer. The government may seem big, bad, and scary, but agencies are usually willing to work with taxpayers on payment plans and other remedies. The only way to solve your Michigan tax liability crisis is to face it. You can’t just ignore it and hope that the statute of limitations will pass. If you continue to let this tax mess grow, it has the potential to ruin your life. Getting help from a Michigan tax help attorney will allow you to face your problem with informed legal guidance every step of the way. Here are some of the ways your tax lawyer in Michigan may be able to help:
  • Set Up Installment Agreements with the IRS or State – It’s possible to pay your tax bill in monthly payments under an installment agreement. Many Michigan residents don’t pay their taxes because they don’t have enough money sitting in an account. A monthly payment option may be all you need, and a lawyer can help you arrange it.
  • Help You Reach a Settlement Agreement – Sometimes, a settlement called an offer in compromise can be reached. Your lawyer will help you see whether you’re eligible to settle your taxes for less than the full amount.
  • Prove That Your Liability Is Currently Not Collectible – Some people absolutely cannot pay their tax liability. If you’re unemployed or disabled, for instance, you may need your lawyer to show that you don’t have an income. This can keep the government from continuing to try to collect from you when you really can’t pay that tax bill.
  • Communicate with Tax Liability Collectors on Your Behalf – No one wants to deal with liability collectors, and your Michigan tax liability lawyer can handle some of those communications for you. Your lawyer can negotiate a resolution to your tax situation with the state or federal government.
  • Help You File Your Back Tax Returns – Filing back tax returns is important, and an attorney can help you do it right. Once those returns are filed, if you owe any money, your tax attorney in Michigan can also see to it that a workable plan is in place for how you’ll pay off the tax liability and penalties.

Call a Michigan Tax Attorney

You have worried about how you’ll pay your taxes for long enough. It’s time to get your liability under control. Whether you owe taxes to the IRS, the state of Michigan, or both, you can get these matters settled by working with an attorney who understands Michigan and federal tax laws. We will find a solution that will meet your needs. To reach a Michigan tax lawyer and get your free tax liability analysis, simply call the W Tax Group at 1-877-500-4930. You can also fill out the form at the bottom of this page to reach us. If you want to put your tax liability behind you once and for all, now’s your chance to get the help you need to make things right.