Michigan Personal Tax Attorney

Michigan Personal Tax Attorney

No matter what tax matter troubles you, whether it’s an individual or business-related tax issue, a Michigan personal tax lawyer with The W Tax Group can help get the matter resolved.

Paying taxes is a part of life, and while you may not want to pay what the government is asking, none of us really has a choice. However, there are some ways to make paying taxes easier, and one of those ways is consulting with a tax attorney before your tax issues get out of control. You can also call us after you’ve received a notice from the IRS or the state of Michigan.

Tax problems arise for many different reasons, and each person’s situation is unique. It could be that you made a mistake on a tax return; it could be that you had too little withheld throughout the year; or perhaps your business grew in ways you didn’t expect.

A Michigan personal tax attorney at our office can help you, no matter what the situation is.

How Can a Personal Tax Lawyer in Michigan Help You?

Your personal tax lawyer can help you resolve your tax matter. Your lawyer will examine your situation and all the other factors that affect your tax matter, such as income, liability, business issues, and your personal situation. It’s then possible to put together a resolution plan to fix whatever the tax problem is.

For many, the tax issue will be unpaid back taxes. These issues are easy enough to resolve if you begin communications with the IRS right away. The IRS does offer some programs that can help you to eliminate your back taxes owed.

For instance, they offer settlement options and monthly payment options, and they might agree to eliminate penalties and interest for those who qualify.

The following are just a few examples of how your Michigan tax attorney will personalize an approach to getting your tax situation managed.

  • Work with the IRS to handle tax collection and resolution
  • Assist you with audits, guiding you through the process and protecting your rights
  • Help you to file appeals, and, if necessary, take your tax issue to tax court

Options for Eliminating Your Tax Problems in Michigan

A few of the options that your personal tax attorney in Michigan can use to resolve your tax issues are:

  • Offer in compromise
  • Advise you on tax matters before they turn into tax problems
  • Currently not collectible
  • Remove liens/levies
  • Payment plans
  • Appeals
  • Tax court
  • Other communications with the IRS

Reach Out to a Personal Tax Lawyer in Michigan

No matter what tax matter you’re dealing with, you shouldn’t run from it. It’s not going to go away on its own, and it may be easier to resolve than you think. Many things are overwhelming until you come up with a plan to tackle the problem once and for all. The good news is you don’t have to tackle tax problems by yourself.

Get help from a Michigan personal tax attorney at our nationwide office. Your attorney will look into your tax issues, find the best solution for you, and guide you through the resolution process. Contact The W Tax Group to speak with a Michigan attorney during a free tax liability analysis. Dial 877-500-4930, or send in the form down at the bottom of this webpage.