Michigan Tax Evasion Lawyer

Michigan Tax Evasion Lawyer

Do you have reason to believe the IRS or state of Michigan is after you for tax evasion? Reach out to a Michigan tax evasion attorney for help.

Many Americans make mistakes on their tax returns each year, and many also don’t submit their tax returns on time, but this negligence is not considered tax evasion. When you purposely try to avoid paying taxes and use illegal means to do so, however, the government can pursue criminal charges against you.

It is considered a criminal act to willfully evade paying your taxes. Whether you aren’t filing your returns, you are hiding assets in your brother’s bank account, or you’re claiming deductions you aren’t entitled to, this is a crime known as tax evasion.

If you are in trouble with the government, contact a Michigan tax evasion lawyer at The W Tax Group. Don’t wait to get help—by then, it might be too late.

What Is Tax Evasion?

Tax evasion is fairly easy to understand—if you are purposely trying to cheat the IRS or the state of Michigan out of money that you would owe in taxes, you are committing tax evasion. There are many different ways of cheating the government out of your tax dollars.

For instance, when you purposely don’t report income, that act is a form of tax evasion. Let’s say you are working a side job and are being paid cash; if you don’t put that income on your tax return intentionally, because you know that it will increase your tax liability, you are committing a crime.

Here are some other examples of tax evasion tactics:

  • Failure to report income
  • Claiming deductions you aren’t entitled to
  • Moving assets so the IRS can’t see them
  • Using a fake Social Security number
  • Using two sets of books for a small business

What Are the Negative Consequences of Tax Evasion?

If the IRS or the state decides to pursue you for tax evasion charges, you will be looking at some serious negative consequences if convicted. Depending on the seriousness of your issues, you could receive civil penalties, fines, and even be sent to jail or prison.

These negative consequences will affect your life in big ways. Your family life could suffer; you could lose your business; your financial health could be severely impacted; you could suffer embarrassment. Make sure you get this situation under control by contacting a Michigan tax evasion attorney right away.

Get Help From a Michigan Tax Evasion Attorney

Tax evasion charges are serious, and they can greatly impact your life. You can be fined and even be sent to jail or prison. No amount of tax liability is worth going to jail. Get help handling your Michigan tax issues before the government decides to come down hard on you for evading your tax liability.

To reach a Michigan tax evasion lawyer, contact our nationwide headquarters, where a team of tax specialists is ready to assist you. Call The W Tax Group for your free Michigan tax liability review at 877-500-4930, or send in the online contact form located on this webpage.