Michigan Tax Lien Lawyer

Michigan Tax Lien Lawyer

A tax lien can wreak havoc on your life, but there is a way to get a tax lien released. Work with a Michigan tax lien attorney from The W Tax Group for help getting your tax problems resolved and getting a lien released.

When you fail to pay your taxes, the IRS and the state of Michigan can come after you in a number of ways. They can take money directly out of your bank accounts. They can garnish your paycheck. They can even seize your personal property, such as vehicles, boats, real estate, and more. Another method they often use to get taxpayers to pay off their back taxes is a tax lien.

A tax lien is when the government files a public document that lets everyone know that they have an interest in your property. This lien goes on your credit report, and it can be sent to others, such as your employer or liability collectors.

If you have a tax lien or you believe you may have one filed against you soon, you should speak with a Michigan tax lien lawyer right away. It may be possible to prevent the lien from being placed or to have an existing lien removed.

How Can a Tax Lien Attorney in Michigan Help Me?

When you partner with a lawyer who knows tax laws, you can get help to analyze your tax liability situation and come up with a solution. If you pay off your tax liability in full, the lien will be lifted. Your lawyer may also be able to secure a discharge, which is when the state or the IRS agrees to release a lien from certain property.

For instance, if you want to sell your house to pay off your tax liability, your lawyer can show the government that the release of the lien will actually help to get your taxes paid.

When you’re in trouble for not paying your taxes, there are some programs that can help you to get the situation under control.

Tax Resolution Options in Michigan

You should never ignore the government when they send you a notice that they are coming after you for your back taxes. This never ends well, and waiting to resolve tax problems usually only makes things worse for you. Here are a few of the better methods you can use to resolve tax liability issues.

  • Offer in Compromise A settlement agreement
  • Penalty Relief – Removal of penalties from tax bill
  • Installment Agreement – Monthly payment agreement
  • Active Military Service When you’re currently serving out of the country
  • Currently Not Collectible – A good option if you’re unemployed or otherwise unable to pay

Your Michigan tax lien attorney at our firm can help you to use one of the above methods to get your tax situation taken care of.

Get in Touch with a Tax Lien Attorney in Michigan

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