Michigan Tax Relief FAQ

Michigan Tax Relief FAQ

You’ve made the decision to get your tax liability resolved, but you probably have some questions that need answering. We’ve got you covered and are happy to answer your questions during a free initial tax liability analysis. In the meantime, read through some of the frequently asked questions we receive related to tax relief in Michigan.

Will the IRS or the state let me make monthly payments?

The IRS and the state of Michigan both offer monthly payments for paying off your back tax liability. If you qualify, you’ll be permitted to make your monthly installment payments until the liability is paid off. They even consider you in good standing so long as you keep up with your payments, and they won’t take further action against you.

There’s a lien on my property; can you help get it released?

Yes! Your nationwide tax attorney at our office can assist you in communicating with the IRS and can possibly get them to release a lien. We can take a look at your personal tax liability situation to see if you would qualify to have your lien lifted.

Can the IRS or the state take money from my bank account?

Yes, they can. If you aren’t communicating with them or making steps to resolve your tax liability, they will take action against you. They can take money from your bank accounts, and they can take money from your paycheck.

Will the IRS or state agree to waive penalties and interest?

In some case they will agree to remove some or all of the penalties, and interest, that have been added to your tax bill. If you can show good cause, they might agree to penalty and interest abatement.

Partner with a Tax Attorney to Help Resolve Your Back Tax Liability

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