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Unfiled Tax Return Help in Michigan

It’s not unusual to forget to file a tax return or to put it off for various reasons. Some people put off filing a tax return because they are scared they will owe money in taxes and they know they don’t currently have the money to pay. Others simply don’t know how to file, perhaps because they’ve never filed a tax return before.

It doesn’t matter why you haven’t filed your tax return; unfiled tax return help in Michigan is available. It’s not too late to get your tax returns filed and to set up a plan for how you will resolve any tax debt owed to the state of Michigan or to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

What Could Happen If You Don’t File Tax Returns

Some people really don’t know the consequences of failing to file a tax return, so they are in for a nasty shock when they discover them. Failure to file a tax return when you make over a certain minimum amount of income is a crime. The IRS can prosecute you for not filing your tax returns, and you can go to jail.

Additionally, failing to file a tax return creates a huge financial burden for you. You could end up owing thousands of dollars if you don’t file returns for several years.

How Can a Tax Attorney Help You?

When you are behind on filing tax returns, especially if you’re behind on several years of tax returns, you may feel like there is no hope in resolving your back tax returns and possible tax debt. Fortunately, there is always a way to get these issues resolved.

The first step is to reach out to a Michigan tax attorney for help. Your attorney can assist you in gathering needed documents so that you can file all of those returns once and for all. If you do owe money in tax debt, your attorney will help you come up with a plan for resolving your tax bill. They can even begin communications with the state of Michigan or the IRS on your behalf.

Connect with a Michigan Unfiled Tax Return Lawyer

If you haven’t filed your tax returns, don’t despair. For unfiled tax return help in Michigan that you can trust, contact The W Tax Group. You can reach our nationwide office and receive a free tax debt analysis by using the form below or by calling 877-500-4930.