Personal Tax Attorney

Personal Tax Attorney

Owing back taxes is one of the most stressful situations a person can be in, but it is possible to climb out of the hole. Get in touch with a personal tax lawyer at W Tax Group. We can help you handle your tax liability once and for all.

If you owe money to the IRS, it’s hard to forget it. You may be able to ignore other collection agencies, but you really can’t just ignore phone calls and letters from the IRS. Eventually, you must begin communications with them before they take steps that will truly affect your life.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has many weapons at their disposal to get you to pay your taxes, and they won’t hesitate to use them. They can garnish your wages, place liens on your property, and even levy your bank accounts and home. There’s really only one way for you to correct this situation: Pay your taxes.

But settling tax liability is a lot easier said than done. That’s why it’s important that you call a personal tax attorney. A lawyer can negotiate with the IRS and even get collection phone calls and letters to stop. Your attorney may even be able to reach a settlement with the IRS so you don’t have to pay your full tax liability.

Understanding Personal Tax Issues

Tax liability can be overwhelming and confusing, and you may not fully understand what consequences you’re even facing if you don’t pay your taxes. A lot of people don’t realize that the IRS can take their homes until it’s far too late. The IRS does have a lot of collection techniques that no other collector has.

The IRS is a government agency, and they will get their money in whatever way they have to. Failure to take them seriously could cause some seriously negative changes in your life:

  • Wage Garnishment – Wage garnishment is when the IRS takes money right out of your paycheck. They will actually contact your employer, and your employer is required to remove the money and send it to the IRS. They don’t have to leave you much.
  • Lien – A lien is when the IRS reports an “interest” in your property. This lien will prevent you from selling your property until you’ve paid off the lien. For instance, if there’s a lien on one of your vehicles, you can’t sell that vehicle until you’ve paid off your tax liability.
  • Levy – A levy is when the IRS actually takes your property. They can take your cars from your driveway and your money from your bank accounts. They can even take your house.

Ways Your Lawyer Will Handle Your Personal Back Taxes

There are many options for resolving your tax liability, and a personal tax resolution lawyer will know all of them. Tax attorneys can communicate with the IRS. Having an attorney speak for you will often show the IRS that you’re taking your tax liability seriously.

Below are some of the many ways your attorney at our firm can put your tax woes behind you for good:

  • Set Up Installment Agreements – Your lawyer can communicate with the IRS to put in place an installment agreement, which is really a monthly payment plan that will work with your budget. Many people can’t pay a large sum to the IRS all at once, which is why they put off paying their taxes. They may be able to make monthly payments, however.
  • Currently Not Collectible – If you really don’t have the money to pay your taxes, you may be able to get collections stopped (e.g., if you are currently unemployed). Your attorney can show the IRS that you are Currently Not Collectible and get them to stop collections of your tax liability for a time. Sometimes, the statute of limitations will pass before you’re able to pay your tax liability, which means your tax liability can be forgiven.
  • Negotiate a Settlement for You Your personal tax lawyer may be able to convince the IRS that you’re eligible for a settlement, also called an offer in compromise. Your attorney will analyze your income, personal situation, resources, and tax liability to see whether you’re eligible for a settlement. If you are, we can negotiate with the IRS for you.
  • File Your Back Tax Returns If you haven’t filed your taxes in a while, you may have returns that need to be filed. In some cases, the IRS can actually file a return for you. That’s not usually in your favor. Your lawyer can get those back tax returns filed for you—before the IRS begins taking more drastic measures. If you do owe money after filing your returns, your lawyer can help you arrange to resolve that liability.
  • Getting a Lien Release – A lien is when the IRS lays claim to your property, which can include homes, vehicles, personal property, and even your financial assets. Your lawyer can negotiate with the IRS to get a lien released, usually by proving that it’s in the best interest of the IRS to have the lien released because there’s a better way to get your back taxes paid.
  • Levy Releases – The IRS can levy your wages, the money in your bank accounts, and even your house. That means they can actually take these things and sell them to pay off your tax liability. Your lawyer may be able to get a levy released. For instance, we might prove that the garnishment of your wages or bank account has created an economic hardship for you.
  • Representation When the IRS Is Auditing You When you’ve received word that the IRS is going to audit your tax return, you don’t want to face this frightening process on your own. Your personal tax audit attorney will protect your rights and ensure the IRS doesn’t mistreat you or miscalculate your tax liability.
  • Penalty Interest Abatement – It’s no secret that penalties can greatly increase a personal tax bill. What started out as a reasonable figure can balloon into something you can’t afford. If your lawyer can prove that you had good reason to be behind on your taxes, the IRS may agree to remove penalties. This will make paying your tax bill a lot easier.

Working with a lawyer when facing your personal tax liability could make a huge difference in the end outcome. An attorney will be able to see which solution will work for you, and we will fight to see that you are treated fairly.

The IRS is far more inclined to agree to certain programs when they see that you have a lawyer and truly intend to handle your tax bill.

Meet with a Personal Tax Lawyer

The IRS has an arsenal of collection tactics, and they aren’t afraid to use them. Dodging the calls and letters won’t work forever. You will eventually have to face your tax obligations—or you’ll have much bigger problems on your hands.

Fortunately, a qualified tax resolution firm can make the IRS calls and letters go away. All you have to do is reach out to us.

If you’re tired of your tax liability hanging over your head, now is the time to contact a personal tax attorney at W Tax Group. You can receive a free tax liability analysis when you call our office at 1-877-500-4930 or complete the contact form on this page.