IRS Fresh Start Programs

IRS Fresh Start Programs

One of the most common issues taxpayers face is not being able to pay taxes they owe. This does not make you a bad person nor is it something to feel bad about.

The IRS Fresh Start Program was created to help. The program provides many options to help taxpayers repay their outstanding balance. Each comes with its own sets of rules, regulations and qualifying requirements. Options include –

Offer in Compromise

Simply put, an Offer in Compromise (OIC) allows a taxpayer to settle back taxes due for less than what is owed. When an Offer is accepted, payment of the offer amount wipes clean the principal amount owed along with all interest and penalties.

Lien Withdrawal or Subordination

Under certain circumstances, taxpayers can submit an application to have their tax lien withdrawn or subordinated. In addition, the IRS will generally not seek a tax lien when a taxpayer owes less than $10,000.

Installment Agreement

Taxpayers owing less than $50,000 may be eligible to pay their taxes due monthly over a six-year period although interest continues to accrue. Taxpayers who owe more than $50,000 or need more than six years to pay off their tax liability are required to provide extensive documentation.

The Fresh Start Tax Relief program includes some of the most powerful tax relief options ever offered by the IRS but you must be in strict compliance before you can even be considered.

Who Qualifies for Relief Under the IRS Fresh Start Program and How Do I Apply for it?

Each program within the Fresh Start Program requires its own specific qualifications which generally consists of the taxpayer providing highly specific and accurate financial forms prepared with accuracy under the penalty of perjury along with substantiating documentation. But the IRS will not even consider you for relief offered under the Fresh Start Program, unless you are found to be current and compliant. This requires all past tax returns to be filed and correct, all current year estimated payments made up to date and all current year payroll tax deposits made and quarterly returns filed.

How Can The W Tax Group Help Me?

Our expertise is tax relief! We know the ins and outs of the Internal Revenue Manual, the IRS Code and the programs available for tax relief.  We understand everything the IRS offers to provide relief from back taxes. The Fresh Start Program is our specialty. We understand ALL of the specific tax forms that need to be submitted in order to qualify for the best possible relief for your specific situation and we are professional CPAs who can correct and file all current and past tax returns. We negotiate with the IRS so they do not take advantage of what you do not know. We prepare and submit the complicated forms and extensive documentation that determines whether you receive tax relief. We make sure you receive the most favorable outcomes allowable under IRS administrative law.

You have 4 ways to take action right now and all of them are free:

Benefits of Working with The W Tax Group

  • We have processed thousands of IRS tax cases
  • We have saved hundreds of millions of dollars in tax relief for our clients
  • We deploy in-house licensed tax attorneys, CPAs and Business tax professionals to help our clients
  • You will have a dedicated case manager so you are never alone and never in the dark.
  • After your free consultation, if you choose to use our services, we offer a15 day money back guarantee.
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  • We are respectful and always keep your conversations confidential
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  • You can read our W Tax Group Services F.A.Q where we answer the most common questions our customers have.