Southfield Tax Lawyer

Southfield Tax Lawyer

Handling tax liability can be a challenging task, but there is a solution. Partner with a Southfield tax attorney from The W Tax Group to get your tax matters resolved.

People get behind on their taxes for many different reasons, and though falling behind is understandable, not facing your tax problems won’t help solve them. Ignoring tax issues will only lead to more trouble down the road. The IRS and state can make life even more difficult for you, so now is the time to face these issues and get the problem resolved.

The government has many ways of collecting tax liability, and most of them aren’t pleasant. They can go after your paycheck, take money directly from your bank accounts, and even seize your personal property. Get this situation handled by working alongside a Southfield tax lawyer before matters get even worse.

What Could Happen if You Don’t Pay Your Taxes

Let’s face it—the government has a lot of ways to force you to pay your taxes, all of which are to be avoided whenever possible.

For starters, they will send you threatening letters. If you don’t respond to those, they can literally take money directly out of your bank accounts and paychecks. They can even seize assets, such as retirement accounts and investments.

If that’s not enough, they can go after your personal property in Southfield and elsewhere. They can place liens on your property and take your cars, boats, and even your house.

It’s safe to say that failing to pay your taxes is a risk you don’t want to take. The time to act is sooner rather than later, because after your house is on the auction block, it’s probably too late.

What Can Your Southfield Tax Professional Do for You?

When you choose to work with a tax professional from our headquarters, your attorney will begin by talking with you about your unique tax situation. We will start by analyzing your situation and matching it to the best next step for you.

The following are some of the things we look at when determining what the best solution is to resolve your tax dilemma:

  • Your income
  • How much back tax liability you have
  • Your personal situation
  • Other liability
  • Assets

The reason we examine your personal situation is to see what the best program is for you.  

Types of Programs Your Southfield Tax Attorney Can Match You With

It’s true that the IRS has a lot of not-so-pleasant methods of extracting payment from you, but they also offer some pretty fair solutions. They have created many ways for you to pay off your tax bill, and one of these programs might make paying your tax liability a little less invasive than having the money removed from your bank account.

The following are some of those programs.

  • Installment Agreement – One way you can pay off your tax liability is by setting up installment agreements with the IRS or the state. These agreements are basically monthly payment options where you can pay your tax liability slowly over time. As long as you keep up with your payments and communicate regularly with the IRS, they are very reasonable about the length of time needed to pay off your tax bill.
  • Offer in Compromise – In some cases, if you qualify, the government might agree to let you pay less than the total amount owed on your taxes. You can come to a settlement agreement where you pay a certain amount and the remainder of your tax liability is forgiven.
  • Currently Not Collectible – Some people really can’t pay their tax liability, and the government needs to know this. If you are currently unemployed, have no real assets, or are otherwise currently unable to pay your tax bill, your Southfield tax attorney can show this to the government by providing proof.
  • Levy and Lien Releases – The IRS and the state might agree to release a lien or levy if you can show good cause (for example, showing the IRS that the lien or levy is causing you a financial hardship).

Reach Out to a Southfield Tax Attorney Today

No matter what situation caused you to get behind on filing and paying your taxes, getting the situation under control can be overwhelming without help. There’s no law that says you can’t get assistance with your tax matters.

A tax professional at our headquarters can help you communicate with the IRS or the state to get your tax liability resolved. To reach a Southfield tax lawyer in Michigan or nationwide and discuss your unique situation, contact The W Tax Group directly at 1-877-500-4930. We will match you with the best program to resolve your back tax liability.