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By referring people you know to the W Tax Group we will pay you up to $300.
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How The W Tax Group Referral Program Works

Refer any acquaintance to us and when they sign up for Phase 1 of our service we will send you a check or visa card in the amount of $100.00.

If that same referral signs up for Phase 2 of our service we will send you an additional check or visa card in the amount of $200.00

All you have to do is make sure the person you’re referring to us mentions your name as the person who suggested they contact us. Or you can provide us the person you are referring online here, or by phone or send us an email with their contact information and we will reach out to them.  It can be that easy for you to earn up to an extra $300.00.

Please note, we will always keep your referral’s information private, we do not share nor sell this private information.

We will make sure to keep track of your referral and inform you as soon as your referral signs up for a Phase 1 investigation and or a Phase 2 resolution.

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W Tax Group Services

The W Tax Group can help your friends or family with the following services:

✓ IRS Tax Forgiveness

✓ IRS Appeals

✓ Wage Garnishment

✓ Back Taxes

✓ IRS Levies & Liens

✓ State Tax Relief

✓ Tax Audit

✓ Tax Penalties

✓ Tax Interest

✓ Back Taxes

✓ IRS Letters

✓ IRS Notices

✓ Fresh Start Programs

✓ Offer In Compromise

✓ Innocent Spouse Relief

✓ Delinquent Taxes

✓ Business Taxes

✓ Social Security Garnishments

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