Warren Tax Lawyer

Warren Tax Lawyer

No matter what made you fall behind on your taxes, now’s the time to face the problem. Call a Warren tax attorney from W Tax Group to get your tax liability handled and put this whole situation behind you.

It doesn’t take much to get behind on your taxes. For example, if you make an error on a tax return, you could receive a letter in the mail saying you owe thousands that you never accounted for. If you don’t have the money to pay taxes and penalties, it may seem impossible to ever pay off your tax liability. That’s when you may need some help.

There’s almost always a way to square up with the IRS or state of Michigan. You want to act sooner rather than later, though, because the IRS does have some unpleasant tools they can use to extract payment from you.

They can take money from your bank account, take it from your paycheck, and place liens and levies on your home and other property. Don’t delay in reaching out to a Warren tax lawyer. Get your tax situation under control before it’s too late.

Offer in Compromise Help in Warren

You can get your tax liability resolved in many different ways. It’s your attorney’s job to find a program that will work for you—and one that the government will agree to. One such possibility for resolving your tax liability in Warren is called an offer in compromise.

This is essentially a settlement offer you make to the IRS or state. You’re attempting to get them to agree to a payoff of your tax liability for less than the total amount owed. If they agree, you can settle your liability, and the remainder of your back taxes owed will be forgiven.

You’ll have to meet many eligibility requirements for an offer in compromise. Your Warren tax attorney will know whether you qualify.

Tax Installment Agreements

A great way to get your back tax liability paid off is to set up a payment plan with the government. The IRS and state of Michigan accept monthly installment agreements, which allow you to pay your tax liability slowly over time, rather than all at once in one lump sum. The caveat is you may have to pay interest and penalties.

Another plus to installment agreements is that the government stops further collection efforts if you are making your payments. They will consider you in good standing. You won’t have to worry about having your wages garnished or any of the other unpleasant collection tactics they might use if you weren’t making your monthly payments.

Your attorney from W Tax Group can fight to get the IRS to agree to a tax liability payment plan that will work for your situation.

Penalty Interest Relief

Your tax lawyer may even be able to get your tax liability reduced by convincing the government to erase the penalties associated with your tax bill. Sometimes, penalties and interest will account for more than the original tax liability owed. If the IRS agrees to erase some or all of those penalties, your tax bill may be a lot easier to pay.

Why Hire a Tax Attorney in Warren?

Many people think they can handle the resolution of their tax liability on their own, but it’s advisable to speak with a lawyer. An experienced attorney will know tax law and be better able to judge what is best for your unique tax situation.

Negotiating with federal and state tax agencies can be tricky, and they aren’t usually willing to settle for less than the full amount of your taxes owed—unless they can be convinced to do so. If you don’t have legal knowledge, you won’t likely be able to get the government to see your side of things.

Your lawyer will examine the following before matching you to a tax-resolution plan that will fit you and your budget:

  • Your income
  • Your assets and liabilitys
  • All of your property
  • Amount of back taxes owed
  • Whether you’re currently in bankruptcy
  • Your unique personal situation

Get in Touch with a Warren Tax Attorney

There is a program out there that can help resolve your back taxes, but you need to call a lawyer to make sure you find the solution that’s right for you. Your lawyer will carefully examine your personal situation, assets, liabilitys, income, and other relevant information to match you with the best tax liability solution for you.

Make the first step toward a future free of tax liability by calling a qualified tax resolution firm. To speak with a Warren tax lawyer about your tax liability, call W Tax Group at 1-877-500-4930. You can also fill out the contact form below to schedule a free tax liability assessment.