Grand Rapids Tax Lawyer

Grand Rapids Tax Lawyer

You didn’t want to fall behind on your taxes, but life happened, and before you knew it, you were overwhelmed. Luckily, you can get help correcting your tax liability situation by calling a Grand Rapids tax attorney at W Tax Group.

People fall behind on their taxes for many reasons, and you’re certainly not alone in this problem. It could be that you forgot to file your tax return and then were scared of filing it late; or maybe you were worried you’d owe money if you filed, and so you thought you would file when you had more money.

Whatever the reason, know that there’s almost always a way to fix your tax situation before it gets any worse. The IRS and state will come after you for back taxes—it’s only a matter of time. Fortunately, you can get help resolving your tax liability once and for all by working with a Grand Rapids tax lawyer.

Installment Agreements

One of the ways to get your back taxes paid is to set up a payment plan with the government. Both the IRS and the state of Michigan offer installment agreements, which are monthly payments that you can make to pay down your tax liability. As long as you are consistent with your payments, you’ll be in good standing.

Your tax lawyer in Grand Rapids can negotiate with the government to set up these installment agreements. Your attorney can even negotiate the monthly payment amount. That way, you can be sure it’s something you’ll be able to afford.

Offer in Compromise

An offer in compromise is when you offer the IRS or the state an amount that is less than your total amount of back taxes owed. If the government accepts your settlement offer, the remaining back taxes would be written off or “forgiven.”

This can be a great option for you if you can’t pay the full amount of your taxes. Your lawyer will have to review your personal situation, your income, your liabilitys and assets, and other information to see if you qualify for an offer in compromise.

Penalty Interest Abatement

One way to get your back taxes paid faster is to convince the IRS or state to delete the penalties that have been added to your tax bill. Sometimes, the penalties for being late in paying your taxes are far more than the original tax bill.

If your lawyer convinces the government to remove these penalties, this can make it a lot easier for you to pay your taxes.

Tax Audit Help in Grand Rapids

There’s no doubt that many people live in fear of a tax audit. Every time you file your taxes, you wonder if this will be the year you’re audited. It’s not that you’re worried because you’ve done something wrong—it’s just that filing taxes can be complicated, and it’s difficult to be sure you’ve done everything right.

When you have a tax lawyer in your corner, you won’t have to be so fearful if you’ve been called in for an audit. Your Grand Rapids tax relief attorney will work hard to ensure that your rights aren’t trampled, that you are treated with respect, and that the government accurately calculates your tax liability.

Why Do You Need a Grand Rapids Tax Attorney?

Your attorney handles tax liability on a daily basis and is current on all the tax laws. Having a lawyer beside you will make it less likely that IRS or Michigan state officials will push boundaries when attempting to collect your tax liability. The government can implement some rather unpleasant collection tactics, such as wage garnishments, liens, and levies.

An attorney from our firm will fight to see that you are treated fairly. Your lawyer should be able to analyze your specific tax liability case and match you with a program that will get your back taxes handled in the fastest and easiest manner possible.

No one wants to be inliabilityed to the IRS, and a lawyer with our firm will work tirelessly to make sure tax liability becomes a thing of the past for you.

Speak with a Grand Rapids Tax Attorney

No matter what caused you to fall behind on your taxes, it’s good that you’re now trying to get matters straightened out. There are many options for handling your back taxes, and a lawyer can help you figure out which will work best for you.

By reviewing your personal tax liability situation, a Grand Rapids tax lawyer from our group can help you kick tax liability for good. To get in touch with a lawyer at W Tax Group and schedule your free tax liability review, call 1-877-500-4930 or reach us through the contact form below.