IRS Audit Help

Are you being audited by the IRS?

It’s not a good feeling, but it’s also not the end of the world. You can have an attorney from the W Tax Group represent you during your IRS tax audit to give you peace of mind and a better chance of a favorable outcome.

There’s no doubt that being audited by the IRS is scary. You’re wondering if you did something wrong on your paperwork and what will happen to you. Even if you know you didn’t intentionally file an incorrect tax return, you may still feel anxious about what the IRS will do to you if your tax returns turn out to be incorrect.

The important thing to understand is that the IRS isn’t out to get you. It is out to get its money, though, so if there were any mistakes on your tax return, the IRS will likely find them. You don’t have to be fearful of this process, though.

You can protect yourself and your rights by having an attorney beside you during this stressful process. You can get IRS audit help by contacting the W Tax Group.

What Does It Mean When You’re Being Audited by the IRS?

When the IRS audits your taxes, it is checking to see that you filed everything correctly and paid the proper tax amount for that year. Auditors will go through your financial records to make certain that you’ve followed the law. As long as you do as they ask, there shouldn’t be a problem with the auditing process itself.

The IRS conducts audits of tax returns for various reasons, and it doesn’t automatically mean someone suspects you of breaking the law in some way. Many factors will “flag” the IRS. It could be business-related, it could be completely random, or the computerized system may find that your tax return appears different from the returns of people in similar situations.

IRS audits often turn out just fine in the end. In addition, some people get their tax returns wrong, but that doesn’t mean they did it on purpose. Still, you may end up owing money if you accidentally left something out on a past return.

How Does the IRS Conduct an Audit?

Your IRS tax audit could be conducted by mail, meaning you mail in the documents the IRS asks you to send. Usually, this will include documents like income records, proof of your itemized deductions, and proof of other expenses.

Your audit could also be conducted in person, either at an IRS office, your home, or another field office. You can request an in-person audit if you feel like you have too many documents to send through the mail.

The IRS will initiate contact with you through the mail with information on how your audit will be conducted and what information it is looking for.

How Can a Tax Attorney Help You with an IRS Audit?

Your attorney will assist you with understanding your audit and gathering the information the IRS is requesting. We will help you get through this process with as little hassle as possible. More importantly, your attorney can watch out to see that your rights as a taxpayer aren’t overlooked.

The following are some taxpayer rights to keep in mind during an IRS audit:

  • The right to being treated professionally by IRS workers
  • The right to privacy and confidentiality regarding your tax matters
  • The right to understand why you’re being audited, what the IRS is using the information for, and what will happen should you fail to provide the requested information
  • The right to representation
  • The right to appeal any disagreements you have with the IRS, either within the agency’s system of appeals or through the courts.

Should your rights be violated in any way or you find the need for help with your IRS audit, give us a call today.

Reach Out to a Tax Lawyer for IRS Audit Assistance

A tax audit may seem scary, but it can be a lot less so if you know you have a lawyer beside you looking out for your best interests. Your lawyer will help you review your income tax returns and ensure that they’re correct and in order.

Your attorney will help you gather all the necessary information the IRS is looking for. You will have someone beside you to guide you through this process so you won’t feel so nervous and alone.

You can get IRS audit help by contacting a tax professional who understands the fears you’re experiencing and will do everything possible to alleviate them. You request a free IRS Audit Help consultation,  chat live with us right now or call us directly to get answers.