Tax Relief Services

Tax Relief Services

What is Tax Relief and what Does a Tax Relief Company Actually Do for Me?

Circumstances in which you may need tax relief is generally broken down into three situations:

  • The IRS notified you that you owe taxes 
  • You already owe taxes to the IRS, and the IRS has taken action against you.
  • You know that you owe something or have not filed your taxes.

Why Would I Use A Tax Relief Company

When the IRS or state taxing authority makes a determination that you owe back taxes, they will force you into paying them at the highest rate per month, using any and all equity in assets you have and they will charge you the maximum penalties, interest and fees allowed under the law. You do not need to accept their decision and strong arm collection tactics!

Enter The W Tax Group — an A+ rated tax relief company. We will review the taxes that the IRS says you owe, determine whether the amount owed is correct and review your personal situation to determine which IRS tax relief programs you may qualify for, of which there are MANY.

But the IRS will not tell you that. To try and go at it alone will likely result in having to accept and pay the full back tax amount they state and you may have to due so with equity in assets that you could have kept. If you do not have assets you could be forced into collections such as wage garnishment or a bank account levy. With the W Tax Group you have a professional team who will review, challenge and present YOUR RIGHTS to the IRS in order to pay the least amount possible, under the most favorable terms available and allowed by IRS administrative law.

The money you invest in our professional service saves you from paying more than you are required to pay and allows you the opportunity to keep more of your OWN savings or equity in assets. Our services allow you to keep more of your own money instead of the IRS. 

There are so many situations for why you are unable to pay the IRS or have not responded to their letters. The severity and urgency of your situation include many factors including timing, amount owed, and type of problem.

These are three primary types of tax issues:

  1. Errors On your tax returns have triggered a tax audit and a request for you to pay additional taxes and penalties.
  2. You owe the IRS back taxes, have not responded to their letters and possibly, the IRS has taken action against you. Now you need help defending against them.
  3. The IRS has not contacted you, but you have back taxes to pay and/or you have not filed tax returns for past years.

The W Tax Group Can Defend you Against IRS Aggressive Collections and Deliver the Best Possible Results

Many tax firms work in a cookie cutter like fashion – everyone’s case falls into a few different categories and they resolve the issues as if your case is just like the rest. The W Tax Group will review the circumstances surrounding your SPECIFIC tax issues on an individual and personal basis and resolve the balance you owe based upon the facts and circumstances of your SPECIFIC case.   Our experienced tax attorneys, CPAs, Enrolled Agents and other tax professionals have solved thousands of tax cases, not only saving tens of millions of dollars for our clients but also providing a sense of security and peace of mind. We can do the same for you!

Benefits of Working with the W Tax Group

  • We have resolved thousands of IRS and State tax cases
  • We have saved tens of millions of dollars in back taxes due for our clients
  •  Your case is resolved by our in house licensed tax attorneys, CPAs and business tax professional;
  • You are assigned to a dedicated case manager so you are never alone and never in the dark.
  • After your free consultation, if you choose to use our services, we offer a 15 day money back guarantee.
  • We offer affordable payment plans for our service fees.
  • We are respectful and always keep your conversations confidential
  • We have hundreds of five star customer reviews
  • We are licensed to work in every state in the nation
  • Our initial consultation is always 100% free