Why Use an IRS Lawyer

Why Use An IRS Lawyer

Being in liability to the Internal Revenue Service is not a situation anyone wants to be in. If you’re dodging phone calls and avoiding the mailbox, now’s the time to speak with an IRS attorney with the W Tax Group about resolving your tax situation.

Sometimes, paying your taxes is a lot harder than it should be. Maybe you owed more than you anticipated, or perhaps other financial setbacks caused you to get behind on your tax payments. Whatever the case may be, there is a way to resolve it. Many programs are available to help you make back taxes a thing of the past

You may be fearful of contacting the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), or maybe you’ve just been worried that nothing you do will make the situation better, but there is always a way to improve your situation. A lawyer can examine your specific tax issue and your financial situation and match you with a solution that will meet your needs.

When you’re dealing with the IRS, giving up or ignoring the problem will not make it go away. The agency will not stop until it gets the money it’s after, and it has many tools at its disposal. The IRS can garnish your wages, place liens on your property, and even levy your home and vehicles.

Fortunately, you can get help putting this behind you by contacting an IRS lawyer at the W Tax Group.

What Types of Situations Can Your IRS Attorney Resolve?

It doesn’t matter how much you owe in back taxes or whether the IRS has assessed your tax liability correctly—a lawyer from our firm can help you set things right. The following are some of the many services tax lawyers from our firm provide to clients:

Set Up a Payment Plan

The IRS allows payment plans when you owe taxes you aren’t able to pay immediately. These payment plans can help those who can afford to pay monthly payments but don’t have the money to pay the full amount up front.

Your IRS assistance attorney can help you set up payments so you can be in good standing with the IRS and avoid unnecessary penalties.

Offer in Compromise

If you qualify for an offer in compromise, your IRS tax lawyer can help settle your tax bill for less than the full amount you owe. The IRS will examine your income, your ability to pay, and assets and back taxes to see whether you qualify to settle your IRS bill. Once you pay the agreed-upon settlement, the rest of your tax amount due is forgiven.

Tax Audits

Being audited by the IRS is nobody’s idea of a good time. Many people who are audited don’t know how to handle the situation or how to make certain that the IRS isn’t violating their rights. Having an IRS help lawyer on your side can be beneficial. Our firm will competently represent you during this stressful process.

Penalty Abatement

In some situations, your lawyer can fight to get the penalties on your tax bill removed or lowered. Sometimes, the penalties on the tax bill can be greater than the bill itself.

Removal of penalties can make your tax bill easier to afford. In addition, after the penalties are removed, you may be able to reach an installment agreement for the remainder of the bill.

IRS Wage Garnishment and Levy Release

The IRS has the right to place a levy on your bank account or paycheck when you’re behind on your taxes. This can be incredibly stressful because you need that money to survive. Your IRS tax attorney may be able to get the levy released.

There are several ways to prove that you deserve a levy or garnishment release. One way is to show the Internal Revenue Service that the levy is creating considerable economic hardships for you. When you can’t afford to pay for food, clothing, and shelter because of the garnishment, that’s an economic hardship.

Currently Not Collectible

Some people can’t pay their taxes because they literally don’t have the money to pay them. They may not even have property the IRS can seize in order to pay down the tax liability. It’s these people whose accounts can be placed in Currently Not Collectible status.

Your IRS attorney can show proof that you really can’t afford to pay your taxes. The IRS may then agree to place a hold on collections until you’re able to begin paying again. In some cases, by the time an individual can afford to pay the back taxes, the statute of limitations will have passed.

Back Tax Returns

If you’ve been unable to file a tax return for a previous tax year, an IRS help attorney will take care of that. After you file your past-due return, if you owe taxes, your attorney may also be able to help you set up a payment plan with the IRS or help you take advantage of one of the other programs that meets your needs.

Release of a Federal Tax Lien

When the IRS places a lien on your property, it is claiming a legal interest in your property. Other liability collectors can do this, too, but the IRS usually has top priority. Your property can be your financial assets, home, vehicles, boats, and other personal property.

A lien is not the same as a levy. A levy is when the IRS has seized your property with the intent of selling it to pay off your back taxes due. A lien can be removed, and your lawyer can help make that possible.

Why Do You Need a Tax Attorney?

Many people who are struggling with back taxes with the IRS don’t even realize that hiring an attorney is an option for them. They think they have to handle everything on their own, and they become overwhelmed.

The reason a lot of people don’t pay their taxes isn’t because they don’t want to—it’s because they don’t know how to negotiate with the IRS to set up a payment plan that will work with their financial situation.

They are intimidated by the amount of their tax bill and can’t see a way out. After that happens, the problem is compounded with each year you don’t file a return. Getting help from a tax attorney will make you see that there are options for every tax situation. Your lawyer will find the right program or solution for you.

Get in Touch with an Experienced IRS Attorney

If you owe back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service or have another tax situation you need handled, contact a lawyer who can help you put this stress behind you. No one wants to be scared of phone calls or terrified that his or her bank account will be garnished at any moment.

It’s scary when the IRS has you in its sights, and there’s no way to get out of the line of fire except addressing and handling your back taxes. Get your tax dilemma figured out and put an end to the stress and anxiety you’ve been living with.