Federal Tax Attorney

Federal Tax Attorney

Do you owe money to the IRS? Being inliabilityed to the government is scary, and you may be unsure of how to set things straight. You can get help handling your tax liability by reaching out to the W Tax Group today.

Owing the IRS money is not a good position to be in, but you may be unsure of how to change your position. Many people who fall behind on their taxes fall further behind because they’re afraid of what may happen to them if they try to fix the problem. The good news is things will likely get better if you face your tax liability head-on.

It may feel embarrassing to contact a lawyer and admit that you owe back taxes or that you haven’t filed your tax returns. However, tax attorneys handle these issues all of the time, and you will get no judgment from us. The important thing is that you’ve made the decision to contact a federal tax attorney and handle your business.

What the IRS Can Do if You Don’t Deal with Your Federal Tax Liability

Many people have no real idea of the consequences of failing to pay their taxes or failing to file their tax returns. The IRS has manny instruments at their disposal, which they won’t hesitate to use as leverage to force you to pay up.

For example, the IRS can take money directly out of your bank account if they have your account information. They are allowed to do this, and they won’t give it back—even if you ask nicely.

Here are a few of the other collection methods the IRS may use to pry money out of your pockets:

  • Send threatening letters
  • Garnish your paycheck
  • Levy your bank accounts
  • Seize your personal property, such as vehicles and real estate
  • Take away your passport

How Can a Federal Tax Lawyer Help You?

You’ve made the decision to face your tax problems, but how exactly will a lawyer help you straighten things out? The first thing your attorney will do is examine your unique case. This will include analyzing your income, your personal situation, your tax liability, and your other liabilitys. Then, your lawyer will attempt match you with a tax relief service that the IRS will accept and you will be able to work with.

Below are some of the federal tax resolution programs that you may qualify for:

  • Installment Agreements Monthly payment options are sometimes all you need to get your tax liability under control.
  • Back Tax Returns – Filing back taxes can be tough, especially if you no longer have the documents you need. Your lawyer can assist you with filing these returns before the IRS files them for you.
  • Offer in Compromise A settlement called an offer in compromise is when the IRS agrees to let you pay off your tax liability for less than the full amount. This works the same way as any other settlement, and you must qualify for this option.
  • Currently Not Collectible – Some people truly can’t pay their taxes. They could be in the hospital with a life-threatening illness or unemployed with no income at this time. These taxpayers can qualify for currently not collectible status, which will keep the IRS off their backs until they’re able to pay their taxes again.
  • Penalty Relief – Some people have what the IRS would call a “good” reason for not paying their taxes. If there was a death in the family or you were in the hospital sick for a while, then the IRS may believe you have a valid reason for being behind. For this reason, they may offer to waive some or all of the penalties that accrued on your tax bill.

Speak with a Federal Tax Lawyer

It’s understandable when people get behind on their taxes and become too afraid to face their federal tax liability. But if you want to put the fear of consequences behind you, it will be necessary to take that first step toward resolving your issues with the IRS. The IRS can penalize you, garnish your wages or bank accounts, and seize your property.

Fortunately, you can avoid the negative consequences of failing to pay taxes by getting in touch with a tax lawyer.

Your federal tax attorney will help you face your tax liability and connect you with a tax resolution program that works for you. Call the W Tax Group at 1-877-500-4930 to receive a free tax liability assessment. You can also reach out to us via the online contact form below.