Tax Resolution Attorney

Tax Resolution Attorney

Tax issues can turn your whole life upside down and cause you stress, fear, and anxiety. Resolve your tax problems once and for all by working with a tax resolution lawyer with The W Tax Group.

It’s extremely easy to get behind on paying your taxes, but it’s not so easy to climb back out of tax liability. If you make mistakes on your withholding or on your tax returns, this can lead to thousands of dollars in tax liability you didn’t expect and don’t know how to pay. You likely never intended to get behind on paying or filing your taxes, but that’s what happened.

Now you need some help getting out of tax liability so you can move on with your life. A tax resolution attorney from our firm can help you to straighten out tax issues with the IRS or the state government. We can match you with a program that will allow you to pay your tax bills, and we can give you legal tax advice so that you hopefully never get behind again.

What Could Happen if You Don’t Pay Your Taxes

Not everyone who fails to pay their taxes knows what the consequences are. You may know that you can “get into trouble,” but you likely don’t know what that entails.

For starters, if you fail to file your tax returns, you can be hit with high penalties and interest, and you can be fined. You can even go to jail for failure to file your tax returns, though this is rare.

In addition, failing to pay your taxes can lead to real financial trouble for you. Your wages could be garnished, your bank accounts levied, and your property seized. You could even lose your vehicles and your real estate. It’s even possible for the government to take your home.

Your tax resolution services lawyer strives to help you avoid all these negative effects of tax liability. The sooner you pay off your taxes, the sooner you can put this whole situation behind you.

Types of Programs That Can Help You Resolve Your Tax Issues

A lot of taxpayers don’t know all the options they have to resolve their tax liability. They may believe that they must pay their tax liability all in one lump sum, and that the government won’t work with them. You need to know that you have options for handling tax liability.

Your tax liability services attorney can help you to find the right program for you and your tax liability situation. Below, here are a few common methods you can use for handling tax issues.

What Does a Tax Resolution Lawyer Do?

Not everyone considers the advantages of hiring a tax attorney. What exactly will an attorney do for you? The first thing your lawyer will do is examine your tax situation from top to bottom. They will look at your income, tax liability, other liability, personal situation, back tax returns, and other related matters to find the best solution for you.

Once they decide what solution will work for you to get those taxes paid, they will begin communicating with the IRS or the state government on your behalf. They will work with the government to ideally qualify you for the program or tax resolution method they think is best.

They will then guide you through the process of paying your tax liability and can help you to never fall down that rabbit hole again. Working with a tax attorney means you can feel confident that your tax situation has been properly resolved.

Connect with a Nationwide Tax Resolution Services Attorney

No one wants to deal with the IRS or the state government—the less you have to communicate with them, the better. If you want to limit interruptions to your daily life, make sure that you don’t give them a reason to bother you. When you handle your back tax liability and file your tax returns on time, you won’t have to deal with them any longer.

Get in contact with a tax resolution attorney at The W Tax Group. The team at our nationwide headquarters is ready to take your call and discuss your tax resolution goals during a free tax liability review. Call 877-500-4930, or complete the online submission form down below.