Tax Settlement Attorney

Tax Settlement Attorney

Once the IRS has you in their sights, they will usually stop at nothing to collect your unpaid tax liability. Get this situation resolved with the help of a nationwide tax settlement lawyer from The W Tax Group.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the most powerful collection agency in the country, and they have a variety of tools they can use to get you to pay your tax bill. A lawyer can help you deal with the IRS when they come knocking.

If you’ve been putting off handling your tax liability, now is the time to face it once and for all. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to experience the negative consequences of failing to pay your tax liability.

At this time you may not know how to go about resolving your tax dilemma. Maybe you haven’t even filed your tax returns yet.

A tax settlement attorney at our headquarters can help you through the entire process, from filing back tax returns and helping with audits to matching you with a program that works with your unique tax liability situation.

What Can the IRS Do to Get You to Pay Up?

The IRS is well known for not pulling any punches when it comes to collecting back tax liability. They don’t have a lot of sympathy for those who don’t at least try to pay their tax liability or who haven’t communicated with them. If you don’t respond to the IRS’ letters and you ignore the tax bills, they will almost always go after you.

Here are some of the ways they can force you to pay your taxes:

  • Wage garnishments
  • Federal tax lien
  • Levies of your bank accounts and personal property
  • Suspension of your passport
  • Going after business assets

What Is an Offer in Compromise?

An offer in compromise is a settlement option that the IRS and the state offer to taxpayers who meet the qualifications.

For instance, the IRS will agree to a settlement if you can show that you can’t pay your full tax liability but you can pay some of it. There are many requirements, and your tax settlement lawyer can help you determine whether you qualify for offer in compromise.

For example, those who are in current bankruptcy proceedings will not qualify. You will need to pay the application filing fee of $186.00. You must have filed all tax returns as required by the IRS. You will need to keep in communication with the IRS while they consider your offer.

The IRS or state will closely examine your income, assets, and liability and make a decision about whether or not to agree to the settlement you have offered. Following the acceptance of your settlement offer, you are required to file the next five tax returns on time.

Make the Call to a Nationwide Offer-in-Compromise Tax Lawyer

There are many programs that might be right for you, even if a settlement option isn’t. Calling a tax professional and discussing your options is a good idea. We offer a free tax liability analysis, where we look into your specific tax issues and make a plan to get everything straightened out.

Contact a tax settlement attorney today. At The W Tax Group, a nationwide team of dedicated tax professionals is ready to assist you. You can reach us using the online contact form below or by calling 1-877-500-4930.