Tax Liens And Levies

Tax Liens And Levies

If you have outstanding tax liabilitys and no resolution is on the horizon, the IRS can execute tax levies or tax liens against you. This is a step beyond simply owing the IRS a certain amount of money. With liens and levies, you could find your liquid assets drained and your property subject to a legal claim by the government.

The W Tax Group is committed to helping our nationwide clients who face dire circumstances such as liens or levies. Our lawyers can act on your behalf, but it is absolutely crucial that you contact us to start the process as soon as possible.

Can I Get A Levy Or Lien Removed?

When the IRS issues a bank levy, you could find your bank accounts frozen, meaning you won’t have access to that money. In fact, the IRS could seize any money you have in these accounts to pay toward your tax liability, including any interest and penalties that have been assessed. Obviously, this can have a dramatic impact on your life and your family’s well-being.

With a tax lien, creditors are notified that your property has a claim against it made by a government agency. This applies to your home and vehicles, and to any new property you acquire after the lien has been filed. This can have a detrimental effect on your credit rating and report, which means taking out a loan, refinancing a property, and even buying or selling a home can be nearly impossible. Negative information on your credit report can take years to overcome.

The attorneys from The W Tax Group understand what this can do to someone’s life, and we want to help — but the longer you wait to contact us, the longer and more difficult a resolution may be. Call our firm today at 877-500-4930 to discuss how you can overcome tax liens or levies.