Can the IRS Take My Social Security Benefits?

Can the IRS Take My Social Security Benefits?

When you owe money in taxes, the IRS has many different ways of collecting that money. If you don’t pay them under you own free will, they will get their money from you by force.

They have several methods for collecting taxes, such as garnishing paychecks, removing money from bank accounts, and placing levies on personal property. “Can the IRS take my social security benefits?” you wonder.

Yes, they can take money directly from your social security benefits.

How Much Can the IRS Take from Your Social Security Benefits?

The IRS can take 15 percent of your social security benefits payments, regardless of how much money that leaves you with at the end of the day. This is part of a program called the Federal Payment Levy Program (FPLP). It’s very likely that you depend on your social security check to survive each month, so losing that money to the IRS can be a huge financial hardship.

What Are Your Options?

Before the IRS will begin taking money from your social security benefits, you will be contacted by mail. At that point, you may be able to make alternate arrangements with the IRS in order to get your tax bill paid off.

  • You may be able to liquidate an asset and pay off your tax liability that way.
  • You could also try setting up payment arrangements with the IRS that are more favorable to you than the loss of 15 percent of your income.
  • You might want to see if you qualify for currently not collectible status.
  • You could also try filing an appeal if you take issue with the tax liability in question.

Most people can’t afford to lose 15 percent of their income each month, so doing nothing should not be your choice.

Connect with a Tax Attorney Who Can Address The IRS

As you can see, the IRS can take your social security benefits, and they have no qualms about doing so. Contact The W Tax Group to solve your tax issues like social security garnishment. Call to receive a free tax case review at our nationwide headquarters at 877-500-4930