IRS Asset Seizure Help

IRS Asset Seizure Help

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has many different ways of getting you to pay your tax liability. If you don’t voluntarily pay it, they will likely come after you for the money anyway. They are even legally permitted to take control of your assets and use those assets to pay off your tax liability.

For example, they can seize your vehicle and sell it to pay off your tax liability. You likely worked hard for everything you have and you don’t want to see your prized possessions taken and sold. There are ways to avoid the loss of your property, but it starts with making the decision to contact an IRS attorney for help with IRS asset seizure.

Why Types of Property Can the IRS Seize?

The IRS can seize pretty much everything you own. They can take money directly from your bank accounts, take money out of your paycheck, and even take your real estate, cars, boats, RVs, and more. They can also seize other financial assets, such as retirement accounts.

You might find this appalling, but they have the legal right to do this. There’s really only one way to hold on to your assets: handle your tax liability once and for all. You must communicate with the IRS and come up with a plan for resolving your tax liability. If you don’t believe you owe them money, you must communicate that to them as well.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

Your lawyer can help by communicating with the IRS and coming up with ways to resolve your tax bill that don’t include selling your property, garnishing your wages, or seizing money from your financial accounts. In some cases, your attorney might even get the IRS to agree to release a levy.

Contact an IRS Asset Seizure Lawyer

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