Tax Audit Help

Tax Audit Help

It’s something the entire American population dreads—a tax audit. You’ve done everything you possibly could to avoid one. You even had a tax professional do your taxes for you in the hope of preventing mistakes, but it’s still happening. You’re being audited by the IRS. And you’re stressed out.

Take a deep breath and relax. Tax audit help is here.

Why Does the IRS Audit Tax Returns?

The IRS will do an audit for seemingly endless reasons. It could be that something in your tax return doesn’t match up with other similar returns to yours; it could be that they’re doing audits randomly and you’re the lucky winner; it could be that there really is a mistake and the IRS wants you to fix it.

No matter the reason, you can get tax audit help from a qualified attorney.

How Can an Attorney Help with My Tax Audit?

You don’t have to be afraid of an audit when you have assistance from a tax attorney. Your lawyer will help you through every step of the auditing process.

Even if you did make errors on your tax return, these things can be fixed. Your lawyer can then negotiate with the IRS to find an agreeable way to correct the error.

For instance, if it’s discovered that an honest mistake was made on your tax return, your lawyer can ask that penalties not be added to the amount you owe. Then, you can pay the tax liability without having hundreds or thousands of dollars in penalties added.

In addition, your attorney may be able to get the IRS to accept an installment agreement for the amount you owe.

Fast Tax Audit Assistance

You can obtain tax audit help and gain the peace of mind of knowing that your lawyer has your back. W Tax Group won’t allow the IRS to intimidate you, mistreat you, or overcharge you. Call 1-877-500-4930 or reach out to us through our contact form below.