Defending Against An IRS Audit

Defending Against An IRS Audit

An IRS or state tax audit can seem like the end of the world. Audits are often the result of the IRS or state tax agency identifying issues on returns that they believe require information verification. If auditors find that additional tax is owed, they will often try to assess penalties in addition to the tax — sometimes in excess of the actual tax. This when you need professional help Defending Against An IRS Audit.

Your Choice Of Representation Matters

At The W Tax Group, our team of nationwide tax attorneys is committed to helping people with their complex tax issues. When you are being audited, a bad result can have a crippling effect not just on your finances, but also on your life overall. Proper representation could mean the difference between ending up with large penalties or reasonable ones — and sometimes no penalties at all.
Get The Best Possible Tax Audit Results

A tax lawyer has built-in advantages over CPAs when it comes to the audit defense process — even CPAs who are former IRS agents. We approach your case as the serious legal matter it is, taking into account the situation on a holistic level. Sometimes a strategic concession can prevent other issues from being examined, for example — a skill that an attorney is trained for, but that might not occur to a Non-attorney “tax professional.”

We are highly proficient in negotiating with the IRS on tax matters. In fact, we do it every day. Our goals for our clients are to avoid criminal prosecution, minimize or completely avoid penalties, and refocus the audit to your advantage. You can rely on our nationwide tax attorneys to give you the best chance when you face an audit.

The W Tax Group can appeal past audit results, even if we weren’t involved originally. We want to make things right for you in whatever way we can.

Learn more about what our nationwide audit defense team can do for you. Get your free personalized tax resolution plan and see how you can put your tax problems behind you. Call our firm today at 877-500-4930, or complete and submit our online contact form to get started.