Unfiled Tax Return Help

Unfiled Tax Return Help

Every year, many Americans fail to file their tax returns on time. Sometimes, it’s because of procrastination. Other times, it’s because the necessary documents can’t be located. And often, it’s because of fear of owing money to the government. Whatever the reason that you failed to file a return, you need to get it filed as soon as possible.

You may be overwhelmed at the thought of getting your back tax returns filed, but you can get unfiled tax return help by contacting the W Tax Group. We can help you gather what’s needed to file your returns and handle any back taxes you may owe.

Are There Penalties for Failure to File a Tax Return?

You bet your last unpaid tax dollar there are consequences for failing to file a return. First of all, it’s illegal. And yes, you can go to jail. Second, if you fail to file a tax return on time, you will be hit with penalties and interest. The longer you go without filing a tax return and without paying your back taxes, the higher those penalties will climb.

Although prosecutions for tax evasion related to unfiled returns are somewhat rare, they do happen. If you haven’t filed your taxes for years, you could be prosecuted for this crime. This is especially true if you had the money to pay and you didn’t have a good reason for not filing your tax return.

Help Filing Your Back Tax Return

Sometimes, life can overwhelm you and make you get behind on your tax returns. Whatever your reasons for not filing on time, you don’t have to make things worse by ignoring the problem and hoping it will resolve itself. No problem is fixed by pretending it doesn’t exist. Fortunately, you can file that back tax return with help from our office.

For unfiled tax return help, reach out to the W Tax Group today. We offer a free tax debt analysis so you can discuss your personal tax debt issues and get a better understanding of how a tax attorney can help you. Call 1-877-500-4930 or fill out the online contact form at the bottom of this page.