Unfiled Tax Returns

Unfiled Tax Returns

At The W Tax Group, we often work with taxpayers who may have not filed a tax return for the past year. There are many reasons for this — perhaps records were incomplete, people were unable to pay what they expected to be a big tax bill, or they may just have not gotten around to filing.

Unfortunately, the longer you go with unfiled tax returns, the more serious the potential ramifications can become. You can take 5 minutes to read our what you need to know about unfiled tax returns .

That’s why time is of the essence. The good news is that there are many potential ways to resolve the issues surrounding unfiled tax returns.

Trust Our Tax Lawyers To Help You

As a rule, the IRS maintains several years’ worth of tax information filed in the name of individual taxpayers, including W-2, 1099 and 1098 (mortgage interest paid) information. The attorneys at The W Tax Group can look at the IRS’s master file transcripts, which provide crucial information such as income, taxes paid, filing status and more. When we take on this kind of case, we will assist in re-filing your returns. We are often able to negotiate more favorable terms due to the research we perform.

‍If there are missing records, The W Tax Group can often prepare past returns using various substitute sources. These returns should be filed as soon as possible in order to avoid accumulated compounding interest. If returns have not been filed in the most recent three tax years, it is important that those returns should be prepared immediately in order to claim any refunds that may be due.

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